Prices vary due to different text processing factors, which is why the prices can differ. This is why we list only non-binding guideline prices. 

Following factors decide the prices on our quotes: 

  • Number of words 
  • Jargon complexity of the documents 
  • File format 
  • Delivery date 

Consultation fees 

Per session of 45 minutes 

CHF 75.- 

OR session per 5 minutes 

CHF 10.- * 

Per minute of preparation 

CHF 1.50 


Editing and proofreading fees 

Per character 

CHF 0.15 

OR per standard line 

CHF 3.50 

Flat rate administration fee 

CHF 15.- 


Translation fees 

Per character 

CHF 0.20 

OR per standard line 

CHF 4.- * 

Flat rate administration fee 

CHF 20.- 

* If multiple prices are listed, you will be charged with the lower condition price. 



We handle your order with the highest priority. You will be charged with an additional surcharge of 40%. For more details do not hesitate to contact us. 


Payment methods