The Curriculum Vitae (or CV for short, also known as résumé) is the centrepiece of an application portfolio. Potential employers pay most of their attention to this specific document. It is important that your CV not only includes all necessary information, but that it is also neat and visually appealing.

But how can you write a CV that manages to fulfil these requirements? How should you arrange the information? And what belongs in a CV?
If you do not know the answers to all these questions, we have good news for you: We are here to help you! We will help you create the ideal CV for you!

What we can offer rofessional

Many aspects are considered and valued when it comes to helping you write the perfect CV.

Here is what we offer:
•    Editing, analysing and proofreading
•    Revision of the layout
•    Translation from German into English and French and vice versa
•    Adaptation to the professional sector you require
•    Localisation to the job market of your choice
•    Individual advice via video chat

Do not hesitate, create your perfect CV with our help!